About “Social Collapse” and Why It’s So Important To YOU

 About “Social Collapse” and Why It’s So Important To YOU

I completed and made available the new compilation “Social Collapse” which I told my famous elderly journalist friend “….is the scariest book I’ve ever read.” Why?

Because it

  • holds all the signs and signals for an economic and social collapse beginning September of this year 2015,
  • includes how Europe and The Middle East will respond,
  • explains when wars will break out, and
  • what will happen to Americans.

America is destined for civil strife, perhaps a civil war, martial law, and a military dictatorship. There may be an American Holocaust.

This has been building up since Obama took office and many writers and amateur movie makers have said so. They’ve said stupid things like “Wake up sheeple.” This tells nothing.

The Tea Partiers and other protestors had no organization, no money, and no war strategy. White haired ladies standing on street corners holding cardboard signs would do better to drop the signs, and use them for knee pads as they pray for God to return sanity to Capitol Hill.

The military fumed and argued. Many of the best generals and higher officers were retired early. The military did not do their duty to protect the people and the constitution. They have not protected their country! They may, and I hope they will, but so far we don’t see that.


We see the very real probability that Obama will be Dictator for Life. He and his boyfriend who he referred to as Michel when speaking to several military officers, and those two adopted girls will live in comfort until the entire economic morass collapses.

I advertised CRASH, written for a Jewish public, through a Jewish weekly newspaper in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. I ran that ad 3-times and I know the paper was delivered to 33,000 homes. Probably the readership is at least 68,000 people. No one responded! How can that be? OK, it was near Easter and Passover, but still, one of the ads was on a page with holiday recipes. Certainly it was seen. No one wants to confront the real issues. That’s what I think.

The other consideration is, many orthodox and conservative Jews shy away from any form of fortune telling, for prediction about the future – which seems contradictory to me.

In a way this sets me free. I don’t care what the Jewish public thinks now. My parents were Jewish. I did not receive a formal young Jewish child’s education, which includes study to read and write Hebrew, and perhaps Aramaic, reading of the first 5-books of the bible in Hebrew with understanding of translation, idioms, pictographs and their meanings, understandings of prayers, laws, holidays, holy days, comparative commentaries….  These kids by age 13 have the equal of a college education! Christians have no idea how well educated Jewish kids are.

Now I’m free to say what I want to say. I speak from my own study of Judaism and Christianity, which I’ve been doing since about age 18 when I realized I felt “left out” and that I had missed something very important. I wanted to know the nature of God and I wanted to know why people were actually taught to hate Jews.

I’ll tell you this and I hope you’ll retain it in mind forever. The devil and his dark angels are real. God is real.

A French President said Europeans generally believe they’ve socially evolved so they’ll never wage war again. But, he said, that’s a terrible miscalculation. In fact war is brewing again.

I blame this upon people who believe God and Satan are mythological creatures, and the entire Bible is a fiction. They don’t know which side to be on. They don’t recognize the abilities and wiles of Satan. Satan has taught the world that it “evolved accidentally” according to a ridiculous thesis written by Charles Darwin. Other writers took up this thesis and propounded further. Marx and Engels thought it was a perfect match for what they were writing about Socialism and recommended it. Stalin and Lenin, launched Communism and the start of the USSR arranging for the Darwinian thesis to be taught in their schools.

Russians are born “Christian-Orthodox” and don’t believe any of it. They live in sin, mistreat their families, change lovers regularly, and so on, as if they never believed the Holy Spirit was real.

What they’ve failed to understand is Satan can enter the mind of a person who is not protected by the Holy Spirit and influence that person’s thinking. The result is people who behave emotionally, irrationally, illogically, non-analytically. They behave as if they were stupid dogs in a pack. They murder innocent people and accept propaganda leading to Fascism and world war! They literally kill and maim their own children, as evidenced by ISIS and Wahabi related (orthodox) Muslims.

One may protest, the people are insane due to vaccines and environmental toxins and poisonous eating habits. They have Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity Disorder and so on. Yes, I can agree they may be ADHD people, but I’ve never seen an ADHD person want to kill others or maim his daughter because she refused to marry an elderly man who just wanted to use her body for his fantasy pleasures. I have seen photos of girls from Orthodox Muslim countries in Africa and The Middle East, completely disfigured for life because someone suspected they were not behaving properly, or because the girl protested an arranged marriage. Doing this to one’s own children is not from ADHD. It’s from the madness of a demon possessed person.

I presently live with a woman who came to me like a stray cat. She was close to homeless, and was eating only 2-meals/day, 6-days/week. She didn’t have money enough to eat every day. I told her she had better make a home with me, and help me with language and navigating society here. She did. She keeps the house clean but does little more. We’re not lovers and I don’t want her.

She’s age 31, going on age 14. She has completely arrested emotional development. If I were to explain it all, it would look like a Ph.D. dissertation. She lives for the popular music and virtually worships the pop-music stars and their licentious dancing before posters of demons. She’s crazy and eventually I’ll have to force her to find another home! This is abnormal behavior more than simply from poor nutrition, too much sugar and chocolate, caffeine, food chemical additives (colors, flavors, preservatives etc.) This is mild demon possession. Thus far prayer hasn’t changed her because the victim is happy with her demons.

People who sincerely beg for the Holy Spirit to enter their minds and their lives, and imagine themselves giving over their entire life to Christ for direction are protected and improved! They behave like sane, logical, thoughtful, analytical, kindly, productive, superior people.

Set all the psychological theories aside. I’ve studied plenty of that for years. There’s no absolute proof to any of it. Apostle Paul’s writings are equally valid. People overtaken by demons do insane things and this time they have the mechanical and physics awareness to kill masses of innocent humans – especially Jews and Christians.

Satan and his minions will influence people to be crazy, hate justice, hate and kill Jews and Christians and anyone opposing them. They’ll hate you just because you love your spouse and children! They’ll seek to gather up anyone who expresses real love (not to be mistaken for rubbing bodies together which has no real emotional content) and jail such people. All the loving, logical, decent, educated, analytical, thoughtful, helpful people will go to jail and eventually die. As the joke goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

When all the Christians and Jews are eliminated, they’ll turn upon one another and the world will be made “without form and void” AGAIN!

You think that was “In the beginning.” I ask, “In the beginning of what?”

No, it was not in the beginning of the universe. It was in the beginning of the story of men receiving God.

For 100,000 years before then there were humans living like beasts and painting on cave walls. And there’s evidence some humans lived in the presence of some dinosaurs and hid like frightened little animals. There were giant chimera-people and there were terrible times. Apparently, from evidence we find, there was a nuclear blast, or many, and when it was over the world was “tohu and bohu” which means, without form, void of life.

In the beginning of the rebuilding of the world, about 7,000 years ago, God created Adam and Eve and began to bring His Ways to humankind again. But the Devil was still around! And God tried to eliminate him and his kind with a universal flood, but the demons protected themselves and returned. So the war has been going on a long time.

The Bible says this time Jesus will end all of it. I hope so. I wouldn’t wish more of this sort of history on this prison planet upon anyone. I’d like an eternal reign of Jesus and God, and those who don’t want to follow His way are welcome to kill one another on another planet.

And that’s about what the plan sounds like! God will take those who love him out of here and create a New Heaven and a New Earth without those who won’t follow His ways. Will they live on another planet or this one in eternal misery, or will they be burnt up and gone forever, or will they fall into the sun, or through a black hole into Outer Darkness and nonexistence forever? I don’t know. The Rabbi’s debate the question too.

The energy of the dead return to God, we’re told. But that doctrine contradicts people “living in torment.” Why would a God who is love eternally torment anything? Ask God. I don’t know.

I appears to me they’ll get their punishment, be burned up and that is a way of going into non-existence or “outer darkness” forever. It will be as if they had never lived, never loved, never worked, never prayed, and never hoped for self-improvement and oneness with God, Satan or anyone else. They’ll be gone. Just gone.

But, God indicates Satan and his original band of followers will suffer forever. So it seems. Yet, people will eventually walk past Satan’s burned body and scoff at it and say, “That’s what’s left of him.” So, perhaps even Satan after a long torment will be burned up and gone forever.

God made all of us to have free will so when this grand drama ends we’ll say, “We can’t live our lives rightly without God.” We tried and our forefathers tried and all of us collectively have failed and proven we need God!

The true gospel says God will raise us like his children and one day we will be like him! The Catholic Church never speaks about that. They talk about forgiveness of sin and eternal life and nothing more.

But who knows these things? Do you? Have you learned this previously? I’d guess 99% of the world knows nothing of what I’ve just told you.

“Wake up sheeple” indeed. The vast majority of visitors to my advertising don’t believe a disaster of monumental proportions is coming, and I think it has begun and is getting worse. I expect a small war soon and a  MONUMENTAL war in mid to late 2018.

People who have seen my advertising think I must be crazy. They don’t want to leave their fantasy. They mumble, “This writer’s a nut case” and delete the information booklet. They don’t want to face reality. They won’t confront the issues until it’s too late for them to do anything to preserve their lives. They intend, despite my best efforts, to be victims. That is an indicator of true insanity.

The neurotic creates a fantasy. The psychotic LIVES in the fantasy. I think about 40% of the world is neurotic or psychotic. I’m perhaps too generous. It might be that soon it would be reasonable to say 66% of the world is ‘nuts’ and 33% of the world is sane. We’ll see.

To be more forgiving and generous I might simply say most Americans are deceived. They believe the government will take care of everything and “somehow the scientists will fix it.”

The question you should ask yourself is, “Am I going to protect myself and my family, or will I ignore the warnings and assume everything will be alright.” You get to make your own choice and the decision will probably prove whether you’re right or wrong, logical or illogical, analytical or emotional.

The books I offer give you more than sufficient evidence to prove my arguments. All the analysis, statistics, money numbers and other information you need to draw your own conclusions are there!  You don’t have to take my word. You can make your own analysis and decide for yourself. The decision is likely the most important you’ll take in your life! Choose carefully, and remember, doing nothing IS doing something. It’s choosing to become a victim.

Many people already ARE victims. They’re homeless, hungry, and see no way out of their predicament! You should not be one of them. My books CRASH and Social Collapse explain what will happen and how you can protect yourself, and even become prosperous through these terrible coming years.

I am practicing what I preach. I am preparing to remain safe during these dark days. I hope you will do so too.

As for the victims, I’m sorry about them. I set out to rescue them to no avail. I hoped I was doing God’s will and that He was in the project. Now I’m sadly guessing I was wrong.

I don’t want YOU to be one of the victims. I hope you will read Social Collapse, (384 pages, over 133,000 enlightening words) available at a price anyone can afford, and take action to save your life. Go to this address to know more.


also see:  www.ads2022.com/crash.html


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