The United States of Confusion: Part 1

The United States of Confusion

If you’re Jewish I ask you to be very logical and maintain your correct focus.

Some of the videos I advise you to see are produced by “Christian” people. Your focus should not be on your differences between Christians and Jews now or as it was historically. The Issue isdecent, God-Loving people are protesting the changes in our nation and the government internal “police”/army is picking them up and throwing them into prisons without further due process! This is NAZI Germany repeated in America and it’s only growing worse daily. Jewish people with the strength of mind and will to survive must make immediate plans to leave the US. Go to Israel. Go to Uruguay. Go to Argentina. Go to The Philippines as a tourist and “disappear”. Get out of the United States!

Forget trying to talk to these people. Their answer will always be, “Tell it to a judge.” Meanwhile, they have the power and “right” to arrest everyone on any sort of suspicion, denounce you as a potential terrorist for example, and put you behind bars for an “indefinite” term.

The police are obviously trained to order rioters and push them back, and NEVER to speak to converse or argue with them. Attempting to argue with this modern Gestapo is impossible.

The origins of this go back to the 1960s when the public school system began to change and purposefully “dumb down” their students. Subject courses purposefully had no relevance to anything in real life. Math was about “concepts” instead of practical doingness. People completed a course with formulae in their head, but no idea about how to apply these formulae to useful purpose. All of the courses work this way now.

The young people I see are like blind, drunken, wisdomless, ignorant fools. They don’t know anything about nutrition, consequently they’re sickly and hyper active. They use illicit drugs consequently show themselves to be immediately a bit insane. Their upbringing was from people who had no morals, consequently they kids have no morals and seek to dramatize against others what happened to them. They know nothing about proper child raising, consequently their children are abused and sickly. They know nothing about money handling, consequently they’re broke and dishonest. They have never been trained to think logically, thus they act without considering the consequences of their actions. They hurt one another. They force sex upon innocent young women. They impregnate girls and walk away from their responsibility, they hate their parents and if you’re an adult showing some lines in your face they hate you too.

Young people coming through the public school system gradually had no study in “civics” or law. They have really, no idea why there are police or a court system. They don’t know if they beat one another up they can be arrested and jailed! They don’t know what actions are criminal actions punishable with fines and jail terms. They don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t steal, cheat, lie, or sexually abuse the girls in class or have sex with a more mature attractive teacher. All of these concepts from law, stemming from The Torah and Bible are completely foreign. You can tell them anything while wearing an authoritarian uniform and they’ll believe you.

The management of these young police also believe what they’re doing is somehow “right.” They believe: Freedom is wrong. Repression is right. No one can be trusted. If you’re in jail you must be guilty of something. The legal concepts that you’re innocent until proven guilty, it’s the burden on the state to prove you guilty, the state must present evidence of your guilt, all are thrown away.

Now we all are guilty and nothing can prove us innocent. The state doesn’t care about evidence. The state wants to expediently remove people they see as troublemakers and anyone can be a troublemaker if denounced by anyone else. I watched a TV reporter ask a question and get arrested! I watched a man protest the educational system’s new guidelines and be arrested. Only God knows if they ever got out of jail and back to a normal life!

In this video you see police with very young faces. They do as they’re ordered. They don’t know if it’s right or wrong. They just follow orders. – YES – Just like the excuse from NAZI Germany. I was just following orders.

The new police will eventually arrest old people who are a drag on the economy because they’re not working, homeless people, mentally ill and mentally limited, sickly, protesters, Christians, Jews, anyone decent. Anyone can be charged with suspicion and thrown into a concentration camp.

The camps are built. The national militarized police are ready to work. It’s their job. They’re paid to follow orders and pick up civilians who protest.

The producers of these amateur videos did at one time end every video with statements like “Wake up people!”

Awaken to what? What will a bunch of fat, disorganized, unfunded, white haired people standing on street corners with cardboard signs DO to make an immediate change? Exactly nothing!

Meanwhile, the federal police are organized, understand military strategy, have all manner of weapons, and can do anything they want. They are the old Gestapo more powerful by an order of magnitude.

What should YOU do? Get out of the USA while you can.  I discuss it in my book and also in another I wrote a while ago and will make available again soon.

Don’t sit and tell yourself I’m just selling books and everything will be all right. It won’t be all right, just as it wasn’t all right in Germany in 1939, or in Russia in 1905.

We are sitting on thin ice cracking. It’s time to get moving before it’s too late and we are prevented from going anywhere.

GET MY BOOK and save yourself! 


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